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The new electromagnetic missile was to combat the growing terrorist threat as well as other rogue elements that threaten public safety. Rumors also circulated of Arasaka developing new line of reflex boosters that would last twice as long as the current models on the market. The corporation was also looking for willing participates for the experiments.
The Arasaka Corporation maintains the largest and most powerful armed forces of any corporation in the world, with their guards renowned worldwide and feared by many. Most firms will look to licensing from Arasaka corporate security guards, couriers, or mercenaries to protect their assets. However, Arasaka assets take priority if they are at risk and the troops themselves are loyal to death to the Japanese conglomerate. When most people think of Arasaka, the picture in their minds is that of the blackclad guards employed by so many corporations, businesses and powerful individuals throughout the world. In the realm of sexual pleasure, there are uncharted territories brimming with potential for ecstasy. Secrethostess is anal foreplay, often overlooked but loaded with nerve…
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Among those serviced by Arasaka are San Diego, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Honolulu, Bucharest , Belfast , and Singapore; as well as several major Japanese cities including Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Nagoya, Yokohama, and Sapporo. Tokyo, interestingly enough, is still using a public police department despite Arasaka pressure. During the early 2000s, Arasaka contracted major bodyguard services to Slovakia. Though while not having much political power as other Japanese or Korean corporations within the nation, Arasaka still maintained subsidiaries producing articles for the European market.
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