We provide best quality hardwood doors for every kind of home. In our collection you will see Entrance Doors with glazed panels, those suitable for conservation areas, smart panelled doors, practical stable doors and sharper, more contemporary styles. PAS24 is a minimum British standard regarding the security of external door sets, apartment entrances and windows. If a door set is certified to PAS24, it means that the production of your door has been monitored and tested by a UKAS accredited certification body which ensures compliance with a series of tests. These tests ensure that your PAS24 door set meets building regulations and the minimum level of security seen fit for your particular dwelling.
Single-leaf doors can also be fitted with additional glazing. An unquestionable advantage of single-leaf design is that it is easier to achieve high thermal and acoustic performance, and this is particularly important for owners of energy-efficient and passive houses. Carpenters will fit wooden external doors, and most will be able to fit other types without any problems.
Sadly, many people don’t care about their front doors and don’t bother to give them the attention and maintenance they need. In this blog post, we’re going to look at five of our favourite beautiful and trendy door types you should consider if you’re looking to outcompete your neighbours – or if you’re just looking for inspiration. With the famous New York State of Mind shade of blue, as it is popularly known, you can add a strong and professional atmosphere to the outside of your house. It is an especially good colour if you have lots of visitors and want to portray your house as upper class, but don’t want to go for a wood or black door.
In combination with aluminum, they will be effectively protected against the negative effects of weather conditions. Modern front doors are often made of aluminium because the material combines high-security and door design. On windows24.com you can find eye-catching or plain models of front entrance doors. The most popular colour for an aluminium front door is anthracite but you can easily configure a white door or select a different colour from the RAL palette to match the windows of your home. The cool aluminium front door can even appear cosy thanks to several woodgrain finishes, like dark oak, golden oak or cherry. The aluminium entrance doors are powder-coated which makes the colours particularly long-lasting.
High-quality storm doors uselow-emissivity (low-e) glass or glazingto increase energy efficiency. Other features may include screens with self-storing pockets, full-length screens with removable glass panels, and screens and glass that slide past each other. French doors , pre-hung exterior doors should have weatherstripping already installed. Check the weatherstripping on your exterior doors annually to see if it needs replacement.

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