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It is not a substitute for a consultation with your medical or health professional, and should not be understood or construed as individual medical or health advice. The information contained on this website is WholeSun Wellness proprietary information and subject to copyright. Shop our range of organic mushroom extracts and find one that’s right for you. Big fan of impulse control, but I’m not a big fan of meds like Adderall. Lion’s Mane helps me with my problems around focusing.
In addition, it may aid in decreasing anxiety and depression, improve circulatory and cardiac system functioning, assist in digestion and increase overall mental health and wellbeing. It should be safe for most people to enjoy lion’s mane mushrooms for culinary purposes. However, people who wish to take lion’s mane supplements should speak to a doctor first.
Lion’s Mane mushrooms have been treasured and used for thousands of years as an edible superfood fungus, health tonic and mood-elevating tea. SleepMEND® – Natural Sleep Aid SleepMEND® helps relieve restlessness and is a sleep aid to help promote sleep. This product improves sleep duration and sleep quality.
Known as “Lion’s Mane,” Hericium erinaceus mushrooms have been used for centuries in Asia for their ability to support brain function as well as their anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Our Lion’s Mane supplement is guaranteed to contain at least 250 mg of polysaccharides (50%) in every capsule and made by the world’s largest producer of medicinal mushrooms. The fruiting body is the part of the mushroom that you see, the actual “mushroom”. Believe or not, many companies sell “mycelium on grain” or the “roots” of the mushroom that typically grows underground.
While Lion’s Mane grown in sawdust culture can sometimes be slightly bitter, its log grown counterpart is almost always sweet and succulent. Patience is required for growing Lion’s Mane on logs, often taking two years for fruiting to begin. Animal research has demonstrated that lion’s mane has powerful anti-inflammatory effects that can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression in mice. The time of day is completely up to you and what works best for your schedule.
Dual extracted for maximum benefit, this powerful mushroom will have your brain firing on all cylinders. All of our products are sold as food supplements and not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat disease. Always consult your health professional before taking any food supplements. Mushrooms have been used by our ancestors for millions of years. Puresport is driving the revolutionary shift back to nature, bringing the profound powers and benefits of mushrooms back to the modern world. Our single-ingredient, high-strength mushroom supplements are here to help you return to nature.
Recommended it to all my friends and family who are also seeing the benefits just as much. That’s why we’ve formulated this Lion’s Mane supplement to promote the stimulation of nerve and brain cells, so your brain can function at its best. No, Lion’s Mane is not a psychedelic and will not give the user a “high” sensation.
They are just at home seared and served at the center of the plate as they are as an ingredient in a mock Crab Louie Salad. Lion’s Mane is a powerful food mushroom and potent adaptogen with a sweet and savory flavor profile. This fungi is delicious to eat or drink, and has been said to help reduce stressors in the body, especially after an intense workout. People are rediscovering the power of adaptogenic mushrooms. They are used to help target a range of wellbeing concerns, relating to physical and mental wellness. Many of our customers speak about the profound benefits that adaptogenic mushrooms can have.
Hence, I believe coconut oil qualifies as neuroprotective in this instance. In fact, Monterey County’s geography creates many micro-climates that supports a wide range of agricultural products from artichokes to wine. Lion’s mane mushrooms are found in the wild in the late summer and fall.
The large, white mushrooms get their name because as they grow, they become shaggy and resemble a lion’s mane. The best lion’s mane supplements may help relieve anxiety and depression, lower inflammation, enhance digestion, and boost the immune system. Lion’s mane is also prized for medicinal properties, having been used by traditional Chinese medicinal practitioners to treat stomach ailments. The mushroom contains nerve growth stimulant factor compounds known as erinacines and hericiones. These compounds stimulate the regrowth of neurons and may be significant in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and neural degeneration. We also offer Host Defense Lion’s Mane Capsules a supplement composed primarily of lion’s mane mushroom material.
The lion’s mane jellyfish breeds in March and early May via external fertilization. Larvae will settle on the seabed and develop into polyps that eventually grow into jellyfish within days. The lion’s mane jellyfish cannot be missed in the open ocean where it prefers to float about. With tentacles up to 120 feet long, some individuals even rival in size the blue whale, the largest animal in the world. Most lion’s mane jellyfish live in the Arctic and North Pacific Ocean from Alaska to Washington where the waters are cool.
You can eat as much of this fungus as your heart desires. Plus, due to its distinct appearance, it’s unlikely you’ll mistake Hericium erinaceus for any poisonous mushroom. If you stop using the mushrooms, you won’t experience symptoms of withdrawal or other problems. Since raw fungi are difficult to digest, your body may not absorb all of the nutrients. May have therapeutic potential against certain types of cancer, including leukemia. cordyceps and depressionshows promising results.
Lion’s mane was used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years as a digestive tonic. The mushroom is full of beta-glucans and complex polysaccharides making it a nutritious and popular choice for wintertime support. Lion’s mane is praised for its beneficial properties especially its specific qualities as a nerve tonic and nootropic.

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